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In reference to Andi's search for advice- My dog, Kira, once had a bout of car anxieties for reasons unknown. How I dealt with it: bring a favorite toy, or treat, along and have her sit where she normally rode in the car. Don't plan to go anywhere, this is simply an exercise. Spend 10 minutes or so just chillin'. After a week or so of this, take her for short rides, with the favorite object. Lots of praise and scratches! If you have further questions, feel free to contact Kira and me.

Thank you!! :)

Car ride anxiety

We need help with our 6+ year old yellow English lab who we rescued 2 years ago. She can’t relax in the car very heavy panting. So opposite of our last lab who we couldn’t get out of the car he loved it so much. But, The vet prescribing Xanax had complete opposite effect. I’m wondering if any of your readers have some suggestions. Our rescue is from a breader who had no more use for this wonderful loving female, just doesn’t doesn’t care for the car movement! Thank you, andi